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  • About me, About this site.

    I am a colored pencil artist. I am creative and my passion runs deep when it comes to my family, friends and my hobbies. I want to share the joy that I get from creating artwork in colored pencil and this site is dedicated to the beginning colored pencil artist who desires to learn more about this wonderful medium.


    We all start somewhere! Start here.


    Here you will find my own experiences and galleries as well as many useful links and information and inspiration. You will find information on instructors who are ready to help you achieve the knowledge to create if you so desire.

    Visit my weekly YouTube instructor series for reviews and suggestions on books and classes dedicated to the beginner.


    Colored pencil is more than just pencils & paper. It's creative expression, it's meditation, relaxation, tranquility, escape, creation and just plain fun! When you sit with pencils and create and feel the satisfaction of what you can accomplish you will see what I mean. I hope by spending time here on my website I can inspire you to create everyday.


    I had a short lived relationship with oil painting then I switched to watercolor. I loved trying to make watercolor "NOT" look like watercolor. As if it wasn't hard enough, I kept at it for about 20 + years on and off but still something was missing.


    Fast forward a few years I decided to try colored pencils. I had the original "Adult" coloring books from many years ago. (still in pretty good shape!) Now they are very popular and seem to be in all stores!

    What was once old is new again!

    Even the local pharmacy and grocery stores have them at the check out lines. I was enjoying coloring in my old books and I loved the mental break of the day and feeling like a little girl coloring in her room without a care in the world! That is exactly how I feel every time I sit at my desk.


    I looked for an online class for colored pencil and to my surprise there were several. I took a class and totally fell in love!

    Getting the rich painterly look and colors I love from the pencils seemed easier than paint and I finally was able to produce a result I loved and the best part, no clean up. And did I mention, they travel quite well? I have since learned professional pencils are VERY different than the ones you had as a kid but that feeling you get when creating is EXACTLY the same but better!


    I Totally loved my online class so much and ever since there was no turning back!

    I'm still learning about this wonderful versatile medium but like everything else I do in life, I jumped in with both feet and full passion and now I can't get out!


    My monthly product reviews are now featured in "COLOR" Magazine and my artwork is featured in Ann Kullbergs 17th annual member show and the September Pencil Box Showcase.




  • "COLOR" Magazine November 2016 edition is packed with tips, resources, beautiful drawings of talented artists! And, a pretty good review! Get your subscription today


  • *** Great gift ideas ***

    CRAFTSY classes For someone you know, or even for Yourself !

    Karen Hull tutorial

    Amazing colored pencil portrait class. Easy to follow. Available online now!

    Cynthia Knox tutorial

    Don't draw a flower without this class!

    3 levels, 8 lessons, 1 great price!

    8, YES 8 Jumpstart kits. You will noticibly improve your artwork after doing a jumpstart kit.

  • Beginners START HERE!! Something for all levels

    Kits & books for the beginner colored pencil artist from Ann Kullberg




    Start here! This handbook tells you EVERYTHING you need to know to learn professional colored pencil. Pick up your handbook and then a Jumpstart project kit. Many to choose from!

    Order yours today or download now!


    This is a level 1 project. Beautiful fun and easy Western Bluebird project

    Order yours today or download now!


    This is a true beginner level 1 project. This takes you through all the steps to create this ripe tomato! Easy to follow step by step project

    Order yours today or download now!


    Level 2. Fun and easy Pansie project. Follow along with beautiful colors and easy instruction. Order here or download today!


    Order your booklet or download today! This is a little more advanced than level 1 or 2 but still just perfect for the beginner colored pencil artist. Very easy instructions in this FUN ladybug project.


    This is a level 2 project. This takes you through all the steps to create this beautiful landscape and mountain goats. Easy to follow instruction.

    Order yours today or download now!


    This is a level 1 project. Beautiful butterfly fun and easy project.

    Order yours today or download now!

    Learn to draw wildlife!

    Another easy to follow step by step! These IN-DEPTH TUTORIALS are like going to a complete art class. Follow at your own pace.


    Colored pencil of a Husky.

    32 full color steps to create this portrait!

    Order yours today or download now!


    2 PROJECTS!! Dahlia & Poppy. Get digital download or print with paper!



    Fun projects!

    Easy to follow instruction. Digital or hard copy


    Fun easy step by step projects. Order now!


    Get inspired with this jam packed book of tips from 55 different artists.


    Want a little more of a challenge? Try this silver pitcher

    Rottweiler Colored Pencil Project Kit

    Want a little more of a challenge? Try this cute pup

    In-Depth Tutorial

    Strawberries one step at a time!


    Beautiful colorful Lorikeel with colored pencil and Markers!


    Interesting still life on drafting film! Try it! Drafting film is fun and erasable!

    Flower and Glass

    Includes Stonehenge paper with kit

    Jumpstart Zebra

    Step by step level 2 kit

    River stones on drafting film

    You will love this popular kit! Comes with the film!

    Flowers in Colored Pencil

    Another wonderful book by Cynthia Knox.

    Colored Pencil Portriats

    A wonderful step by step for someone learning CP portriats.

    CP Cats

    This is an AWESOME book on colored pencil cats. Gemma Geylling is a great colored pencil artist teaching on suede mat board for a realistic texture! A little more advances but if you follow directions you can do it!

    Cats & Dogs

    80,yes I said 80 colored pencil artists give tips and instruction to show you haw they created these beautiful masterpieces!

    Collie on film.

    Dtafting film is so much fun! Give it a try!

    In-Depth Tutorial

    Try your hand at something a bit more challenging!


    Drafting film kitty!


    CP MUMS!


  • Inspiration

    Creativity is a beautiful journey for your mind and soul. JVH


    I am an ARTIST

    driven by passion

    seized by obsession

    delighted by creation

    enthralled with expression

    entranced by vision

    diverted by daydreams

    filled with emotion

    fueled by compulsion

    consumed with beauty

    and blinded by inspiration


    (unknown author)


    Inspiration is everywhere!


    Once you look at things differently you will see what I mean. There are the obvious things like sunsets and scenery, mountains and nature that are always inspirational. Then there are things you would never think of. There is a famous quote:

    "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"

    by the late, great Dr. Wayne Dyer

    I use this quote in many areas of life and it holds true in my art world.

    I can look at a house with burgundy shutters and blue siding and think how beautiful those colors go together. That is all it takes for me to want to run to my studio and find a picture of a beautiful burgundy flower and see how I can incorporate it with some blue sky or another blue flower or bird because seeing those two colors inspired me. I recently picked up a year old calendar from the store for 25 cents and found 12 large pages of beautiful photographs that inspired me!

    Look in a garden. Look on google at royalty free pages and you can literally be sitting at your computer for hours looking through beautiful photos.

    I can look at a box of tissues and see the pretty floral design on the box and think what an awesome color or a pretty flower that is and then I'm drawing it. As I sit here writing this, there is a note pad on my desk with pretty colorful fish and I am already thinking how I would love to create a drawing of fish or a sea life drawing. So look at things differently. Look and find the beauty and color everywhere you can. because as I said in the beginning,

    inspiration is everywhere..

  • Before and AFTER cp study

    With a Craftsy class or a tutorial you can drastically improve your CP drawings and create beautiful artwork you can be proud of. See before & after samples (first one looking like a pencil drawing and the second one looking painterly).




    A small colored pencil bird before learning CP techniques




    A small colored pencil bird after learning some CP techniques.


  • Colored pencil tips & supplies for beginners

    Where do you begin?

    Read this first!


    Ok, you decided to do this. Good for you! The word "supplies" would imply items to purchase but the #1 item on that list should be "Time" (now you see where I'm going with this!)


    With everyone so busy finding time for ourselves is very difficult. If you do not make the time, no other supplies will ever be needed. So now you need to make that happen. Let me tell you what I do and perhaps you will get some ideas.


    Set your morning clock for 1/2 hour earlier. I can hear the groaning....Now stop that! Remember this is time you are making for YOU!!! NO, DO NOT hit snooze either. I knew you were going to do that :) Now, If you do this you can find 3 or more hours every week. I personally find an hour every morning and an hour or two in the evening but some people are not as lucky to find that time daily so do it weekly! Twice a week and you have an hour for yourself.


    If you signed up for classes outside your home you would make time to get there. Make this a must!. If you want it bad enough you can find small blocks of time.

    The "Real" supply list....



    (see, projects for beginners)



    The most important supply.

    Some brands are oil, and others wax. Some ink, some water soluble. And there are numerous brands. I myself have on my desk right now 8 different brands! I basically use Prismacolors premiere (wax) and Faber Castel Polychromos (oil)

    I do use my other brands as well and I love my luminance. They work well with other brands however, they are pricy but, these high quality pencils are lightfast as well which means your color will not fade or change over time. To build my set, every time I go to my favorite art supply store I purchase 1or 2 open stock so this way I and am slowly building up my set of Luminance. (I'm almost there. :)


    This may not be the ideal way for you because you are paying more per pencil but since they are expensive, this is my way of building my set in a way that I can afford. This may work for you as well. Or just using Prismacolors or polychromos only is totally fine. Many artists use only one or the other.

    Open stock is always a great way to try other brands without making the full investment.

    From my experience, Prismacolor Premier has the best bang for your buck in color, choice and accessibility. Most art stores have open stock options and they have a great price point.

    If you are lucky enough to purchase a large sets of luminance then by all means it's a wonderful set and they blend beautifully. ( they play well with others too! )


    If you know that this is something you want to get into and you are ready to start buying supplies, I would definitely get the largest set that you can afford because you will be going back adding more pencils to what you have. That's what I did and I really wish I had bought my original full set of prismas because that would've been cheaper than my original tin of 72 and then ordering 5 pencils here and there many times.


    Pencil blenders.


    Blending is a very important element of colored pencil. This is why professional colored pencils are not the same as your kids or grand kids colored pencils. The professional pencils blend beautifully with other pencils and other blenders. Some CP artists layer many layers of color before they blend. Most pencil brands carry a blender. Prismacolor makes a colorless blender. A fan favorite of mine is the luminance and it blends well with all pencils.




    Some artists blend with solvents. Their are many different solvents and other options to blend with but I will tell you that what ever tutorial you choose or what ever book you purchase will have there own reference on how to blend that specific project.. Until you gain knowledge of how to use the solvent properly and safely, I would follow along with the tutorial exactly and what the instructor recommends.

    If you a dabbling on your own, try a few different blender options but take note****

    Solvents can be flammable and toxic and caution must be taken so PLEASE READ ALL directions carefully.

    And, make sure you tape your paper down as it could wrinkle when wet but will flatten again once dried as long as it is taped in place.



    A white pencil is many times used to blend layers. This does a nice job however it can and in most cases will lighten your blending area. Sometimes that is warranted, other times not. I always practice on a separate scratch paper of similar project type and draw a 3'' or 4 " section with the colors you want to blend. Then try small sections with different blending options including the white pencil to see what look you will decide to use for your project. Better to find out you don't like the way something blends on your practice piece!




    This is the next most important item.There are even more choices of paper. It comes in sheets and in pads. It comes smooth and rough. This is something you will need to just experience as you go. Most people stay with what they learn on until they get brave enough to venture out and try something new. What ever class you decide to take or tutorial or book, you will be guided through the supply list for that particular project. I started with Strathmore Bristol smooth pad. I have tried many other types that I have learned to really love but my first is still my favorite.

    Try different kinds until you find what you like best with the pencils you like best.

    Other surfaces...


    There is drafting film, pastel mat, suede mat, Velour, wood and clay panels and the list goes on. What I do is try different kits that offer different techniques and surfaces and when I'm done with that project, I have learned something new and if I liked that project I then purchase the supplies used for that kit to have and start building my very own supply closet. Ok, cabinet!



    Other items needed to get started.

    The short list:


    Is exactly that. Pencils, paper, eraser, shaper & Done! Ok not really.

    Now, the items you will want and need to work on a project will vary from project to project. Get the short list items before you start. You will need at the very least those items.


    Other Items in your work space.


    Lighting is key! If you can get natural lighting that is best. If you are lucky enough to have a desk near a window that's awesome. Otherwise you should have some good lighting. I have an old fashioned tree lamp with bulbs that I can turn on and off individually which is great but boy does that get a little warm under the collar!

    So there are many other lights on the market and one brand is Ott light. I have a medium size light that sits on my desk and I love mine. They come in floor lamp style and a small clip on. I would suggest reading reviews to see what price point and type of lighting would works for you.


    A drawing board is not a necessity for some people because some people like to draw on an easel. You can also draw on your desk or a clip board but a drawing board is good to have for taping your paper down. I actually found a large plastic cutting board that worked well for a time. After a while I realized I needed to lift my board for the proper angle. This will help with the view and how you see your subject. It made a big difference for me. You can use a towel roll or a 1/2 of paper towel propped under the drawing board and depending on where you put it you will have different heights.


    My final thoughts regarding coloring books


    Coloring books can provide a few things besides making you feel like a kid again.

    They can offer you inspiration, They can offer you a place to practice light blending techniques of pencils (keeping in mind this is not quality paper and will not take many layers) They can offer you a place to try other pencil brands and practice things you don't want to do on expensive paper, and finally if you buy a coloring book of flowers or mandala designs you now have a book full of line drawings ready to transfer onto your actual drawing paper.

    They are useful and fun to practice in while you are learning and taking your colored pencil art to the next level.

  • Photos & Videos

    Black pencil comparison




    WIP of "Me and my girl Robyn" in Colored Pencil




    Pan Pastel is a soft pastel in a handy tub that is easy to use and produces beautiful results. With the tools included in the sets used to apply the pastel makes using this medium as easy as panting! What I love most about Pan Pastel is the way they work with colored pencil. You can layer Pan Pastel on your paper and use colored pencil for detail work. You can even use their tools to create skinny lines and get into corners but in combination with colored pencil your creativity is endless!

    "CLICK" Pan Pastel video showing the medium on different surfaces.

    This is the 1st in a video series of Pan Pastel.

  • colored pencil resource links

    Here you can find tutorials, instructor links, inspiration links, face book groups and supply resources.

    JUMPSTART Jetpack handbook

    The first thing you need to start colored pencil. Pick up your hand book and jumpstart kit to get started. Everything you need to start CP is in these pages! A GREAT resource for the true beginner colored pencil artist.


    Ann Kullberg

    One of the BEST CP resources online! Here you will find many tutorials, books, videos by many artists. Including Ann's own portrait books, DVD's and portrait tools. This is a resource dream! You must check this out. Ann also has a monthly magazine in digital or hard copy


    Colored pencil tips and resources


    Come join the fun! We are a growing group of artists of all levels sharing what we know. Even beginners have tips and suggestions. Come share them here. Daily updates with new tips, resources, videos, articles, and inspiration.

    Post your work and ask for advice if your having an issue. Join and just look around if your the quiet type. :O)

    This is a friendly group of artists and instructors that are happy to share what they know! This is for Colored pencil and Colored pencil with graphite and finally colored pencil with pan pastel because they work so well together..


    Karen Hull Art

    Karen has wonderful tutorials and kits that are reasonable priced. Cute whimsical animals, dogs, cats, scratch art and other projects. Learn to use drafting film for another fun technique. Do not miss out on this website filled with all sorts of treasures.

    Cynthia Knox

    A talented artist specializing in beautiful painterly flowers, horse portraits and other still life. She has Craftsy classes as well as several wonderful easy to follow books with step by step instruction. You will be amazed at what you can create after her instruction. She has an easy going manner in which she teaches and interacts with you on the interactive Craftsy platform. Visit Cynthia on Craftsy today or order her latest beautiful book on florals and much more on Ann Kullbergs site.

    Click below


    Colored Pencil Basics for All Artist levels

    This kit is a has a conversion chart that shows different pencil brands over different supports. Inexpensive digital download!

    Find it under tutorials # 034 on Karen's site!

    Amy Lindenberger

    Luminous Landscapes in Graphite & Colored Pencil

    Amy created a technique that will take your CP art to another level! Check out her Craftsy class today.

    Amy also has a great book on working on Black paper for a dramatic look on your pencil creations. Check out Ann Kullberg Below for her books and Craftsy link for her classes.


    Lisa Lachri fine art

    A talented artist who has way to many great tutorials to mention. Her tutorials are extremely informative and you will definitely learn a lot from her. Check out her site out and visit her tutorials on You tube. Lisa also works in oil and other mediums.

    Gemma Seufferlein Gylling.

    Gemma is a terrific artist specializing in animal art on suede mat board. Once you try a project on sued mat board you may never do another animal on regular paper! Her books and digital downloads have line drawing to help you get a food start. See her Craftsy class featuring a Colored Pencil Workshops. Specializing in animals on suede mat board.

    Get Gemmas Craftsy class for 50% off!

    Jesse Lane Art

    Jesse's art will touch your soul and inspire you! His body of work is called ANATOMY OF LIGHT and all of his work tells a story. You MUST check out his work.

    Judith Selcuk

    Judith has several wonderful tutorial created especially for the beginner. They are perfect for someone just starting out! You can locate them on the attached website under"KITS" than "JUMPSTART" Look for the purple Pansies and the Tomato for Judith's expert instruction.

    Wendy Layne

    Wendy offers a variety of streaming and dvd workshops for beginner and more advanced. She is a talented artist and does amazing work. Check out her website and find a workshop!

    Sue Ziegler Fine Art

    Sue does the most heartfelt animal portraits as well as other CP work. Her Horse portraits are life like! Check back here soon for Sue's Blog article on colored pencil on suede mat board.

    Colored pencil info & comparison information

    A wonderful resource for comparison and information on all colored pencil, paper and more!

    Deb Stanley

    Deb has a variety of art work on her website that you will find inspiring and interesting. On her site you will find links to her page and Youtube channel where you will find some tutorials and instructions.



    An awesome colored pencil magazine available in hard copy or digital downLoad. Filled with how to' s and I answers to your CP questions. Subscribe today to get all the latest information.



    Sheena Pike

    Colored pencil artist Sheena Pike will inspire you to try new things. Her work is magicial, unique and captivating as she combines colored pencil and pan pastel to create the most imaginative art work. Check out her website for videos of her work.


    Alyona Nickelsen

    Alyona is a talented artist who had developed the "Colored pencil painting kit" which really can help you create beautiful effects. She also has great instructional videos on the website.

    You can also purchase a subscribe to get access to articles, projects and step by step videos. She is also the author of "Colored Pencil Painting Bible" for realistic affects.




    For colored pencil trays

    Robax engineering makes some very unique colored pencil holders. If you are a painter I don't think you will find a better pallet! The pencil trays are stackable! Check out my review on YouTube.


  • Commissioned work available upon request

    E-mail me regarding commissioned work

    Once a size and details are discussed, a 50% non refundable deposit is required prior to starting work. Upon completion the balance is due paid in full including shipping charges if they apply.

    All Portrait work is priced with one main subject with a simple background of color unless drawn on suede mat board.

    Prices will vary with additional subjects added or more detail. This will be discussed prior to the 50% deposit to determine the approximate price of the art work.


    Prices to be determined at consultation.


    Custom matting available. Separate pricing for matting depending on size and materials.



    Other sizes are available upon discussion of subject matter


    All mats are cut to fit standard size frames.

    Please e-mail me with any questions.

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